giant space invadersThe saying “bigger is BETTER” applies in many facets of life.  Bigger houses, bigger trucks, and bigger bank accounts are generally viewed asgood things to many people.  The same applies with modern day arcade games!

Giant arcade games made a splash in 2016 with the release of “The World’s Largest Pacman” and “Space Invader’s Frenzy” at IAAPA – the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions – the world’s largest amusement trade show.  Attendees and vendors gather from across the globe to show off their new products and buyers come to buy the newest and best products.

The giant arcade craze took over IAAPA in 2016.  Everyone was amazed by the bright screens and awesome game play of the Giant Pacman and Giant Space Invaders.  The game play on both games allows for two player action – something very important at special events.

The most amazing thing about the giant arcades like Giant Pacman and Giant Space Invaders is that these giant arcades allow people to re-live their childhood memories with awesome modern versions of their favorite games as a kid!  The sights and sounds of the classic arcades are surely amplified by the great LED visuals and awesome speakers in the cabinets of these games!

The giant arcade games, through modern touches, allow the owners to customize and offer visual appearances not available with old school arcade games.  If you have one of these games you can load a simple JPG image onto it to display a logo, company name, or an upcoming event!  It truly is versatile!

With the release of the Giant Pacman and Giant Space Invaders games at IAAPA 2016 it will be very exciting to see what new games are released in 2017!