Yes, there are less than 30 weeks until Christmas!  What does that mean?

That, of course, means there is even less time than that for planning a Christmas party!  Why do people freak out when it comes time to plan their office Christmas Party?

While Christmas party planning can seam stressful, it really doesn’t have to be.  Here’s some tips for planning a Christmas party for your office or workplace.


  • Don’t Wait!  Book your venue for your party early!  Many venues, especially popular ones, book far in advance!  Call a year ahead of time to reserve a space of your party! Not quite sure when exactly you’ll have your party – just book a date!  Be done with it!
  • Try another night.  Have you considered doing your holiday party on another night besides a Friday or Saturday night?  Can you do it on a Tuesday night?  You bet!  Often times during the holidays people are stressed out and have lots of things to do on the holidays!  Perhaps do your party on a Wednesday night and arrange the next day to be a late start at the office, or arrange a charity event the next day!
  • Try something different!  Do you usually do a dinner and dancing?  Why not throw in something fun and creative like some arcade games or something less formal for some fun things to do?  Try it one year and you may be surprised at the response.  People dressed in fancy outfits are still people – and they like to have fun!
  • Don’t Panic!  Hire a good party planner, find a good venue, and plan to have a good time.  Yeah, there can be hiccups when planning a party, but everything will work out great!

Need help planning your next holiday party?  Give EPIC Party Team a call and we can help you with your holiday party planning needs!