Holiday parties are an annual staple event for most companies. Year after year you plan the same holiday party. The typical formula for a holiday party is find a venue, order food, and have drinks and dancing.

All of that is fun! Everyone has a great time and memories are made. Year after year, the same.

Check out the experience below with our Hypershoot Arcade. Check out the teamwork!

What do you do to spice up your holiday party? Many companies and corporate customers choose to add more experiences to their holiday party plans. One of the hottest trends in corporate holiday parties today is adding a gaming lounge with vintage arcades!

Planning a holiday party should center around fun!

Everything vintage and retro is in style now! Pacman, Galaga, and Ghostbuster, along with all the other old school arcades, pinball machine, and classic cabinets are “in”.

As the younger generations of “millennials” age and grow up to attend corporate events, the demand for gaming and experiences will continue to increase! Gone are the days of dinner and dancing. In are the days of dinner and experience!

So what is the formula for planning a holiday party filled with fun and exciting new experiences for your party guests?

Dinner and a Dance is BORING!

Our corporate holiday parties usually consist of at least five arcade experiences that are used as “gathering points” for groups to experience things together. Foosball, ping pong, and multiplayer arcades such as four player pacman are great ideas for gathering point experiences.

Many times playing games and arcades together is a great way to break the ice at events. Make sure to have fun experiences at your holiday party!