If you have ever been to a high end special event you have probably sat on event couches or furniture.  Are you now in charge of planning a special event and need some different an unique seating?  Perhaps you are looking at renting event furniture and are stuck with what kind of layout you need.  Modular furniture can help you create unique spaces at your event.

modular lounge furniture

In the picture above you can see the client used 2 corner pieces and three mid pieces of modular lounge furniture to create and extra large couch.  This look is nice because it is clean and simple and is easier to manage and sit around than two separate couches.  They accented the couch with throw pillows and used Mercer side tables as coffee tables.

event lounge furniture

Totally custom and unique lounge arrangements can be had with modular seating.  In the picture above the client uses mid pieces and inner and outer round lounge furniture pieces to create a custom looking furniture setup.  This setup is very cool because of its free form flow and open seating areas.  This seating is much less restrictive than a bunch of armed couches.

modular furniture rental

Modular furniture can also be used without arms on the ends to have a great feel in any venue type.  In the picture above the client used several mid piece furniture pieces to create a nice lounge setting.  They completed the look by using the Carlton coffee tables as a side table and accented with Mercer side tables to finish off the lounge area.

If you are looking to create unique spaces at your event and need event furniture, you should consider incorporating modular lounge furniture rental into your event space.