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Arcade games are the latest special event craze!  Rent arcade games for any type of event.  We offer arcade game rentals that range from classic stand up cabinet arcades with classics like Pacman, Galaga, and Tetris, all the way to crazy new arcade games like virtual reality and virtual bowling!  No matter your needs for arcade rentals for your party – we have you covered!

Arcade Games are all the rage right now for special events!  Whatever type of event you are planning – arcade games are a huge hit!  Corporate events, school events, black tie affairs – it doesn’t matter!  People love playing arcade games at special events!

Are you looking for customized arcade games that have your company logo or a special design?  We offer customization services as well to fit any need you’re looking for!  We have done brand activations for big companies and custom games for private events.  With custom games the possibilities are truly endless!

When you are looking for arcade game rentals in Phoenix you have many different options for arcade games when you rent from Epic Party Team.  We have a great selection of arcade games including classic stand up arcade cabinets like Ms. Pacman and Galaga.  We also have wild newer versions of arcade games like the World’s Largest Pacman Arcade game and the Space Invaders Frenzy arcade game that features screens that are 9 feet tall!

Sports themed arcade games are also a huge hit right now.  We have sports themed arcade games that feature basketball, baseball, and football.  The Hypershoot basketball arcade game is our most popular sports themed arcade game because it features awesome LED lights around the shooting area that many other basketball pop a shot arcade rentals do not have!  They are a huge hit at any party including company parties and mitzvahs.

Classic midway arcade games are fun too.  Our water gun squirt race game is a big hit when you are looking to have a game at your party that features the lights and sounds of a classic midway game.  We have even customized the water gun game for companies and events!

When renting arcade games you want to make sure you find the most high quality and newest arcade games around.  That is why we only buy new arcade game equipment and uphold the highest standards with our arcade games by keeping them in tip-top shape and repair.  We service our arcade game rentals in-house and make sure that they are all working properly for your special event!

There have been many modern day versions of classic arcade games made recently.  Pong was one of the first arcades ever created and has now been made into an awesome table top coffee table version that is a giant version of the original PONG!  This arcade is especially cool because you can use it with our awesome furniture rentals as well!

Another classic arcade game that has recently had a makeover is Pacman!  Pacman battle Royale deluxe is an awesome four player version of the classic Pacman arcade game.  This game feature four player action on a giant big screen tv!  This action game is great for competition at an event!

At Epic Party Team we specialize in arcade equipment.  We deliver all over Arizona, Colorado, and Nevada!  Once you create and event with Epic Party Team you will question why you have never done so before!