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Why You Need a Pop-up Portable Bar Rental at Your Next Event

Let’s face it, guests want the whole experience whenever they attend an event. It does not matter if you are hosting a fundraiser for a local high school music department or launching a new Fall fashion line. Having a bar for your guests to enjoy elevates your event’s ambiance, décor, and social flow.

A quality custom event bar creates the social lubricant awkward people need to relax. That does not mean just serving alcohol. Plenty of sober guests feel more comfortable while holding a glass, even if it is full of nothing else than iced tea. Having a prop that fits into the environment allows everyone to feel included while creating a more professional environment for your activity. Here are some key reasons to rent bars for events.

1 – Organizational Control

No matter your event, you are going to have drinks of some sort. Even a 2-year-olds birthday party has a bucket of ice with juice boxes. Professional events need quality space and organizational management. You want a portable bar rental that fits your space and helps manage the glasses, napkins, drinks, and more. It is a natural place to store a quintessential part of your event planning and allows you the freedom to use other spaces more efficiently.

2 – Guest Flow

If you have ever attended an event where all the activities and social hot spots are on one side of the space, you understand that weird sensation of standing on the other side. It is like you are lost in the desert, watching from a distance as guests try to intermingle in the small boxes of open space between the stage, bar, games, and restrooms. Having a custom event bar that is mobile allows you to redirect the natural flow of your event so you can spread out the guest activity. This also helps mitigate any fire code issues or legal concerns that often get overlooked.

3 – Theming & Size Options

When you work with a professional event product supplier, you get a chance to customize your bar choice. Instead of trying to make the dive bar on the corner work for your Hawaiian-themed retirement party, you get to select a custom size that fits the space and theme. This is a huge help when you are selecting bartenders. Some prefer an area that is well separated from guests, while others want a lot of counter space for people to gather around.

4 – Adds a Style Factor

A premium rental bar setup elevates the overall style factor of your event. It naturally draws guests’ attention because it is a well-known dynamic center of activity. You can match the décor of your wedding or get a luxury rental that aligns with your branding event. Essentially a custom event bar gives you the chance to create a feeling for your event that will last in the minds of your guests into the next day and beyond.

5 – Makes Everyone More Social

Yes, having alcohol present tends to relax your guests, but that is not just because it is booze. People do not visit a bar just to sit and eat peanuts all night. They are seeking the social aspect of sharing each other’s space and time. We are, by our very nature, social creatures. When you want kids to hang out, you take them to a park. When you create a teenage party, you use a pool. When you want adults to socialize and feel more engaged, you use a bar. It just makes logical sense.

Custom Portable Bar Rentals in Phoenix

Do you need a luxurious bar to fit your next corporate party, wedding, brand launch, or other special occasions? We’ve got you covered. Epic Party Team is a leading provider of pop-up custom bar rentals all over the greater Phoenix valley area. We have everything you need from glamorous in-your-face-designed bars to classic full-sized stations where multiple bartenders can mix the perfect cocktails.

Take a moment to browse our numerous portable bar rental options to learn what will work best for your upcoming event. Then, when you are ready, give us a call or send us a note through our contact form. We look forward to elevating the overall ambiance of your next event with a custom bar from Epic Party Team!