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The Benefits of Including Interactive Games, Arcades, and Table-Top Entertainment at Your Next Event

Time to face reality, the 40 year old millennial and the 24-year-old gen zer are in charge of the economy. Both demographics make the buying decisions in pretty much all households and lead the world in top management positions. If you want to appeal to these groups of buyers, you need to keep them entertained with party games that enhance their event experience.

Arcade games grew in popularity throughout the late 1970s to early 1990s, which is smack in the middle of the foundational years many consumers experienced as kids. There is a certain nostalgia for watching Pac-Man chomp away at ghosts, putting endless quarters into Dragon’s Lair, and seeing the new kid beat your score in Street Fighter II. Integrating arcade games at your next event is a great way to relax your guests and conjure happy memories when things were easier. This loosens up the entire vibe of your event and spreads out the entertainment value.

The same is true for tabletop games. Many of us have fond memories of picking up a ping-pong paddle for the first time in our neighbor’s basement rumpus room or trying to keep the puck in air hockey from flying into the distracting server one of our crew had a crush on. Tabletop games create an atmosphere of playful competition where the social lubricant of having some simple fun elevates everyone’s experience.

Think about the hit Dance-Dance Revolution was across the U.S. Now imagine seeing your CEO doing their best to outrank the new hire from marketing! These are unique opportunities to let down the typical communication shields we all maintain and get to know one another on a more intimate level. Including interactive games at your next party event gives everyone the chance to share memories and create new stories that will continue long into our business, professional, and personal lives.

When you decide to include interactive gaming into your next event, think about:

1 – The Game’s Relevance

Try to choose an arcade game or tabletop feature that works with the theme of your event. For example, if you are hosting a new product for an automotive company, maybe go with racing games that your guests can compete against one another. The same is true if you are celebrating a successful year as a tech startup. Maybe you should try a virtual reality system that is on the cutting edge of tomorrow’s entertainment world.

2 – If Possible, Go Multiplayer

While we all loved getting an arcade machine to ourselves as kids, the best way to encourage social interaction at your event is to host games with multiplayer options. This way, you can bring out the competitive streaks in your players in a fun and exciting way that aligns with your event theme and activities.

3 – Double Check Space Requirements

No matter what type of interactive game you do select, always double-check that you have enough space at your event. You would not want to secure three pool tables only to show up to the event and realize there is no more room for serving drinks or a presentation area for your speaker. It often helps to speak to the venue you are using and get a simple layout of the space with relative dimensions to select something size appropriate.

4 – Consider Your Audience

The demographics of your guests should play a role in your decision-making. People that grew up with Galaga and Donkey Kong may not want to enjoy arcade games from a specific era more than those that grew up playing Super Mario or Resident Evil. You want to get a good idea of what truly entertains your gusts and then find a solution where the most people can engage together.

If you are preparing for your next party event in the greater Phoenix, AZ area, reach out to the experts at Epic Party Team. We have a wide variety of arcade, lawn, tabletop, and interactive games that will keep your guests entertained all day and night. Feel free to browse our gaming options and find a great solution for your next event!