Custom Event Branding for Games, Bars, and Decor

Epic Party Team is your top source for custom branding.  We do custom branding on all of our rental items including customized bars, custom games, and customized decor.  We have compiled hundreds of examples of custom branding to inspire your ideas and make your special events come to life!

If you want a totally CUSTOM look and feel for your event, you need to do custom branding on your bar rentals, game rentals, and event decor.  Epic Party Team’s in house graphics team will totally make your event look and feel custom!  We can add your logo, photo, or design to almost any type of item in our inventory.

5 Benefits of Custom Brand Activation & Launch Parties

The greater Phoenix valley area is one of the top locations for business startups. More than 6,100 new businesses were created from 2014 to 2018, and that number is only going to grow as new technology and a recovering economy ignite the market.

With all of that growth, there will be some expected competition. It does not matter if you are creating a new Asian/Western fusion restaurant or an eco-friendly biofuel industrial concern, getting your name out there to potential clients, investors, and partners requires some work. That is precisely why you need a brand activation event like a launch party for your new business.

Brand Activation vs. Brand Launch Party

This is an “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” kind of relationship. Brand activation is a solid campaign usually involving different marketing pathways like social media, advertising, B2B promotions, and anything else that gets your brand some recognition.

Brand launch parties are more specific. They are part of the overall brand activation strategy but reserved for a particular time, place, and target market. For example, a new personal cosmetic brand may host a poolside party at a Spa & Resort during a jam-packed holiday to capture high paying clients, whereas a new Harley Davidson may hold an event at a bar during a motorcycle rally with “bad boys” riding their hogs as a celebrity promotion. It all comes down to your brand identity and target market.

5 Benefits of Brand Activation Launch Parties

1 – Promotes Your Brand Vision

Brand launch party event planning is the perfect opportunity to engage with those clients you want to turn into loyalists. The influencers you want to spread the word about your brand’s vision for the future. This is your chance to share what makes your product, service, or value proposition so unique so you can set the tone for your business in the community.

2 – Get to Know Your Clients

There is no greater marketing or advertising advantage than user-generated content. Hosting a corporate event or brand launch party allows you to get face time with clients and partners who will share their opinion of your business with their friends, family, coworkers, and online following. The better your impression with them, the wider your brand reaches.

3 – Leverages Social Media

Social media advertising is not going away anytime soon. If you are a new business needing to drum up visitation, you need attractive photo and video content with stunning party settings, custom banners, engaging lighting, other features that will be shared all over your guest’s Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

4 – Generates Press

A well-planned brand activation strategy almost always includes some kind of partnership. Hosting a launch party for your new local toy store could collaborate with a Children’s hospital where 10% of all toys purchased over the next year get donated to their Cancer wing. The point is to generate a news story that gives your audience a good feeling about your brand will skyrocket your potential returns.

5 – It’s Fun!

Sometimes a brand launch party is just that – a party. You have been working hard for years to raise funds, iron out staffing issues, and secure your business location. Why not relax and enjoy a night of celebration?

Where to Get Started

When you are ready to get your groove on with all the decorations, features, and custom branding needed for your next event, reach out to our experts at Epic Party Team in Phoenix. We have years of experience crafting incredible corporate and brand events all over the valley.

With only a quick phone call, you will get access to arcades, custom seating, accents, amusements, branding opportunities, and anything else you could want to toast the achievement of your new startup finally becoming a reality.

Check us out online at to see the various party rental options available, and follow us on Insta @epicpartyteam for the latest updates on all the brands we have helped grow. We cannot wait to set the stage for the next step in your brand activation strategy.