Kincaid Furniture Rentals

If you are looking to rent furniture for your special event then look no further!  Our Kincaid Furniture is a modular collection that allows you to make unlimited configurations in amazingly brilliant colors!  The Kincaid Collection is made from water-resistant velvet made to withstand the rigors of special events.

Kincaid Sofas - 8ft Length

Kincaid Loveseats - 4ft Length

Kincaid Inside Round Sofas

Kincaid Outside Round Sofas

Kincaid Chairs - 2ft Length

Kincaid Barstools

Kincaid Circle Sofas

Kincaid Sofa Ottomans - 8ft Length

Kincaid Loveseat Ottomans - 4ft Length

Mini and Biggie Ottomans

Wee and Stout Ottomans

Cassidy Club Chairs

The Kincaid furniture collection is a totally cohesive modular event furniture rental that is made for events!  The water resistant velvet and uniform seat heights mean you can have this at any event in any configuration – indoors or outside!

We stock hundreds of seats of Kincaid and can custom design a layout that will fit your needs!