New Arrivals Overview

Fall is the commencement of the event season in Arizona, making it the perfect time for a refresh, and at Epic, the new season brings new arrivals for every occasion. Give your upcoming events a fresh look with these new pieces:

Sophisticated Seating Arrangements

Sophisticated seating adds a sleek element to your event and allows a spot for guests to gather. Our new smoke ghost chair is not just functional and comfortable but also a conversation starter!

Introducing our brand new addition to our Collete seating collection, the Circle Sofa, designed to redefine comfort and style at your events. This distinctive sofa is upholstered in plush velvet, providing a luxurious touch that your guests will adore. Available in an impressive array of ten stunning colors, you can effortlessly match or contrast with your event’s theme. 

Bringing Style to the Table

You asked for them – and we have them! The clear Whisper Dining Tables are a very trendy and popular for all kinds of events!

The Black Gage Cocktail Tables are exceptionally stylish with their glossy black metal finish, making them a versatile choice that complements various color schemes and aesthetics. What sets them apart is their remarkable sturdiness, ensuring both a chic appearance and enduring support for your events.

Decor & Display

Our Oxford Arched Wall Panels are the perfect choice for setting up an elegant backdrop. With three available sizes to suit your specific needs, these panels offer unparalleled flexibility in design. We also offer custom branding options, allowing you to add a personalized touch to create a truly unique and memorable atmosphere for your special occasions.

Introducing our Exhibition Cubes: versatile and brandable, these modular cubes stack in threes, creating customizable decor arrangements. They serve as 3D branding canvases, making them a standout choice for personalized event displays.

The Iridescent Orbs, towering between 3-6 feet tall, adds enchantment to your event. These iridescent mirror balls, available in three sizes, beautifully reflect and enhance the ambient light and colors, making them a captivating accent piece for any occasion.


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