Photo Mosaic Wall

The photo mosaic wall is the perfect item to use for a corporate brand activation or new product launch! The photo mosaic wall uses many small images to make one large image.

Use a logo or symbolic image to make the photo mosaic really stand out.

The standard photo mosaic wall includes a 4ft x 4ft panel that consists of 625 photos. The standard event is 4 hours. The client is responsible for supplying at minimum 50-100 pictures to preload stickers for the mosaic.

Pictures can be printed onsite using Twitter hash tag, onsite photographer (not included), or text images.

Please contact us for further info on the photo mosaic wall rental.

Check out this short tutorial:

BMW mosaic shown is 5ft tall and 6ft wide and is a custom size. Standard included size is 4x4.

Circuits needed: 1
Item Dimensions:
Space Needed: